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July 29, 2008

here’s what i ended up with from my little post-bar yarn shopping trip:

araucania yarns – atacama

100% alpaca, 5 skeins, color 507.

for a clapotis: i know, i know – everyone has made one of these things, it seems like, but i do think they’re beautiful (especially in variegated yarn), and i’m looking forward to seeing if they’re as fun to knit as they appear to be.

i also picked up 2 skeins of online beach color, colorway 942 – with interesting variations of pink, green, yellow, and grey. i have my eye on this gathered scarf pattern.

i saw one on ravelry a few months ago and it’s been in the back of my mind ever since (and it helps that little knits has such awesome prices: $6.99 per skein!). after much debate, the clapotis project made it into my (carry-on) suitcase for vacation with me. beach scarf, i’ll save you for another day…