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October 27, 2008

goal: to not make this a once-a-month posting place. i’d like to write more often.

i’ve had a pretty good month. i’ve seen a ton of friends, i’ve read some good books, and i’ve had some quality knitting time. j’s new work schedule has been tough (less time seeing him), but it’s also been good for purposes of seeing people and getting out of the house. i’ve been doing a lot of things that i wouldn’t necessarily do otherwise–mostly for the sake of not sitting at home by myself too much.

right now i’m sitting on the couch with my puppies, who are both snuggling by my side. i need to get myself to bed soon, as i’ve been struggling with getting enough sleep. i’m not sure why, but i’ve been staying up later than necessary and then am exhausted in the mornings. it’s not particularly effective.


a very nice day

September 7, 2008

i started my day off by taking the dogs outside, we’re dog-sitting this week, so just taking them out (all 3) is a bit of an ordeal. it requires monitoring all 3 to make sure they don’t get too interested in holes in the fence, but at the same time giving them enough freedom that they’ll wander around and take care of “business.” if you know what i mean.

we all came back in, had breakfast, and lazed around for a bit – i did some sunday morning internet reading, the dogs napped. i started a second teeny sock for my sock-blocker keychain, since the one i made yesterday ended up not having the colors i was hoping would come out of the variegated yarn i’m using. try, try again, eh?

at 9 i decided that i wanted to go to church at 11, so i arranged the dog-walking such that everyone got 15-20 minutes. i can’t walk all 3 at once by myself. actually, i probably could, right up until the point that all 3 (or even just the 2 larger of them) saw a [fill-in-the-blank: squirrel, cat, interesting other dog] and decided to go after it. that’s where they would win and i would lose. so i’ve been walking them in sets. we went for our walks, i came home and showered and whatnot, and then it was off to church.

church: i haven’t been since… easter? and i haven’t been to one in our neighborhood at all, though i’ve had my eye on one (via the internet) for quite awhile. i went to that one. it was nice, i thought. i definitely want to go back for a second visit. it was small-ish, but homey and not so large and professional-ized that it felt weird to me. i’m all for great music and great preaching, etc., in churches, but there’s a point for me at which it feels too commercial. fakey. not like “real” church to me, somehow. this one *definitely* did not cross that line. i liked it. we sang hymns from the hymn book. there were lots of announcements. overall: i approve, and am interested in going back.

after church, i went to the neighborhood sunday farmer’s market, which i always seem to enjoy. i made a loop through twice (it’s by no means a large farmer’s market) and ended up with a little more than 1 pound of donut peaches, and a little less than 1 pound of early apples. i guess i don’t know what variety the apples are. i wanted to buy blueberries, but i have realized lately that i kind of feel the same way about blueberries that i feel about tomatoes: i *really* enjoy something about them, but i also don’t enjoy them plain. i want to eat them and don’t want to eat them at the same time. i don’t know, it’s hard to explain. in short: i did not buy blueberries for fear that i wouldn’t eat them. i didn’t eat them the last time i bought them. i wanted to buy zucchini but didn’t see any for a good price – i guess i may have missed most of the season of them.

oh, and i also bought a piece of cherry streusel. yum.

i’ve spent the rest of the days doing practical things: picked up a prescription at the drugstore, picked up a gallon of milk, did a mountain of dishes, and walked the dogs (more)(and with j.). we took out the trash & recycling, and are doing laundry. it’s a very nice day.


weekend things

August 31, 2008

right now our little dog is napping right on top of j, on the couch. it’s adorable. also adorable: j is snoring. he’s been waking up super early for work, so he definitely deserves the nap.


thread spools

thread spools

yesterday i had a little adventure in sodo. i went to paper zone, the pacific fabrics outlet, and the goodwill outlet. not having a particular project in mind, i was mostly looking around for inspiration. i saw lots of great paper-stuff at paper zone, which i’ll have to keep in mind for scrapbooking and gift wrapping in the future. seriously. they had every size and shape of tiny boxes and tiny plastic bags that i could ever want. and zillions of colors of cards, papers, and envelopes. soooo fun to look at.

at pacific fabrics, i really wanted to buy this pattern set for amy butler stash & dash bags, but it was $13, the fabric was $18+/yard, and i also am still a teensy bit frightened of my sewing machine. i think the last time i tried to use it i was unsuccessful – i always seem to have issues getting the bobbin part figured out. oh well. maybe someday soon i’ll sort it out.

i was only at the goodwill outlet for about 5 minutes. i’ve been to lots of thrift stores before, and they’re usually not nice or anything, but this one kind of skeezed me out. i felt out of place and a little unsafe being there. i won’t be going back anytime soon, if ever. i was hoping to find some wool sweaters to either tear apart for yarn or for felting, but the only sweaters i found were cotton or acrylic. no wool.


j’s car seems to be on the fritz, and rather than risk car trouble on the way there (before 6am), he drove my car today and will be tomorrow, too. so i find myself again without wheels (i don’t know how to drive a 5-speed, in addition to his car’s mechanical issues, whatever they may be). hopefully he can get his looked at & fixed this week.


i went to work from about 11:15-3:30 today. i got a fair amount done, but brought more home with me to work on tomorrow. i’m not completely thrilled about doing work over the weekend, but i actually do enjoy the research and writing. and i’m fighting against two upcoming deadlines, after which my (work) life will be much lighter for at least a month.


now i’m watching the sound of music while j & the dogs sleep. i should probably get them all to go to bed, but they’re so peaceful, and i’m enjoying the movie!



July 28, 2008

well, it’s over. i will get my results back in mid-october, and they will either be “pass,” “fail,” or “half-passed” – the exam is in two major parts, and it is possible to pass one but not the other.

overall, it was an interesting experience. the exam was in a huge convention center room set up with folding tables and assigned seating. there were in the neighborhood of 24 x 36 rows of people at these tables… 864-ish people, accounting for a few holes here and there? crazy.


  • at the “one minute left” warning, the pace of typing would increase frantically. this cracked me up.
  • before each testing session (7 total), the proctor would re-read the rules of the exam. including that no smoking was allowed in the testing room. just in case people forgot that it’s against the law to smoke inside any public buildings in washington.
  • i actually enjoyed the criminal procedure questions, and at one point found myself thinking, “interesting question!” i am a nerd sometimes.
  • my little (otherwise retired) dell laptop made it through with no glitches! she has since returned to semi-retirement, until i receive my test results and can make a better decision about what to do with her. (no macs allowed on the exam due to the particular software we used for testing – otherwise i’m always on my macbook).


  • three torts questions? really? did you mean to do that?
  • two contracts questions and no sales questions. boo.
  • at the end of day 2, i was nearly in tears. the last set of questions were hard.

but, it’s over! i can hardly believe it. i visited my favorite yarn shop on thursday afternoon, and then spent friday running errands (haircut* & other shopping without spending much money). j & i had a nice weekend, and now i’m on my way to vacation!

*the hair is a wee bit too short. but i guess it’s better than the look i had going on, which was: i have thick hair that has not been cut in 6 months.


crunch time

July 16, 2008

i’m in the midst of crunch time – my big exam is next week. i’ll be back after that, should be around july 25. and then my normal life can begin again!


it’s a one-track summer

July 5, 2008

well, for 3 more weeks anyway. i haven’t really been doing anything except studying (and successfully procrastinating at studying). last night we walked the dogs down to a part of the neighborhood with a view of about 5 area fireworks shows – and lots of our neighbors had the same idea. definitely worth the walk, and the dogs were pooped afterwards.

tomorrow is a day long practice exam, meant to simulate the environment of the actual exam. i am really unprepared for about 4 topics: contracts, sales, business entities, and indian law. i need to get to work on those right now!


overwhelmed but determined

July 1, 2008

i’m right in the thick of studying (3 more weeks!), so i thought i’d share the study breaks i took today:

(1) while eating lunch, i watched this week’s episode of “legally blonde: the search for the next elle woods” on i LOVE the trend of putting full episodes of shows online. i also will fully admit that this show is silly, but i’m a sucker for musicals (and the fact that legally blonde is about a law student doesn’t hurt, either). pure fluff. entertaining fluff.

(2) i studied at a coffee shop for a few hours this afternoon and enjoyed a very nice mini-cupcake with coconut frosting. yum!

(3) after studying, i dropped by a store that i’ve walked past a bunch of times but have never gone in before. it’s technically a shoe store, and my visit confirmed that whoever buys for this store has excellent taste in both shoes and handbags. they’re both exactly in the price range i want (not so cheap to be useless, not so expensive to be prohibitive), and in styles that i *love*. i very nearly bought a $30 purse in odd colors that somehow looked good together – pale green canvas with bright red accents, lined with tan corduroy – but decided to hold off and think about it for a few days.

(4) i also dropped by the local organic market and spent $6.73 on groceries for dinner tonight: romaine lettuce, red lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes… and i think i bought something else but i can’t remember what it was.

(5) i’ve been drooling over the envirosax greengrocer bags for several weeks now. i looked at them again online today, but i’m having trouble choosing colors. they’re all so pretty! but i think i like the greens, grays, and light blue the best.