the last few weeks

August 17, 2008

in going through some boxes at my mom’s house, i found a journal i kept from the spring of my junior year of high school to the spring of my senior year. it has re-inspired me to keep writing, because it was so fun to read. even the little silly things reminded me of events i would have otherwise forgotten. in some sense, that’s why people write/journal/blog, isn’t it?

it’s been a whirlwind few weeks since the exam. i met my sister in washington, dc for some sightseeing and family-seeing. i then spent a long weekend bopping between my parents’ houses, trying desperately to catch up with them and get enough time with them. i took my niece-dog for a walk. two college girlfriends of mine drove up to my mom’s house to hang out, as we hadn’t seen each other in more than a year. all in all: exhausting, but good.

a few days after i got home, j’s mom came up to visit for about 6 days. j had to work 2 of those days, so she and i spent a lot of quality time together. we did some nice things: took the bainbridge ferry (oh, churchmouse yarn and tea, how i love thee), enjoyed a lunchtime concert downtown (hello, billy joe and the dusty 45’s!) and wandered through pike place market, where i was treated to a full pound of rainier cherries. love! i also finished up my last remaining tasks from the internship i had last year, so that i can make a fresh start at my new job. new job starts this week.

it has been almost unbearably hot in seattle this weekend. i think it’s the annual weekend-we-wish-we-had-air-conditioning. it happens at least once a summer, and this one would definitely be it for me. we’ve been hauling our huge fan all over the house with us (best $49 ever spent, i might add) in an attempt to stay cool. and sane. also: i would like to give credit to whichever person in this household (don’t remember exactly who) decided to purchase this fan last fall at costco, out of season. after remembering a previous annual weekend-we-wish-we-had-a/c, which we spent largely running from target to walgreens to home depot (etc.) looking for a fan and they were all sold out, one of us had the sense to just buy one, despite the lack of immediate need. BRILLIANT.

oh! the picture above: my jaywalker socks took a trip to snoqualmie falls (with j and j’s mom. and me.). they are traveling courtesy of the awesome needle-holder doodad i picked up at churchmouse.


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