July 28, 2008

well, it’s over. i will get my results back in mid-october, and they will either be “pass,” “fail,” or “half-passed” – the exam is in two major parts, and it is possible to pass one but not the other.

overall, it was an interesting experience. the exam was in a huge convention center room set up with folding tables and assigned seating. there were in the neighborhood of 24 x 36 rows of people at these tables… 864-ish people, accounting for a few holes here and there? crazy.


  • at the “one minute left” warning, the pace of typing would increase frantically. this cracked me up.
  • before each testing session (7 total), the proctor would re-read the rules of the exam. including that no smoking was allowed in the testing room. just in case people forgot that it’s against the law to smoke inside any public buildings in washington.
  • i actually enjoyed the criminal procedure questions, and at one point found myself thinking, “interesting question!” i am a nerd sometimes.
  • my little (otherwise retired) dell laptop made it through with no glitches! she has since returned to semi-retirement, until i receive my test results and can make a better decision about what to do with her. (no macs allowed on the exam due to the particular software we used for testing – otherwise i’m always on my macbook).


  • three torts questions? really? did you mean to do that?
  • two contracts questions and no sales questions. boo.
  • at the end of day 2, i was nearly in tears. the last set of questions were hard.

but, it’s over! i can hardly believe it. i visited my favorite yarn shop on thursday afternoon, and then spent friday running errands (haircut* & other shopping without spending much money). j & i had a nice weekend, and now i’m on my way to vacation!

*the hair is a wee bit too short. but i guess it’s better than the look i had going on, which was: i have thick hair that has not been cut in 6 months.


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