overwhelmed but determined

July 1, 2008

i’m right in the thick of studying (3 more weeks!), so i thought i’d share the study breaks i took today:

(1) while eating lunch, i watched this week’s episode of “legally blonde: the search for the next elle woods” on mtv.com. i LOVE the trend of putting full episodes of shows online. i also will fully admit that this show is silly, but i’m a sucker for musicals (and the fact that legally blonde is about a law student doesn’t hurt, either). pure fluff. entertaining fluff.

(2) i studied at a coffee shop for a few hours this afternoon and enjoyed a very nice mini-cupcake with coconut frosting. yum!

(3) after studying, i dropped by a store that i’ve walked past a bunch of times but have never gone in before. it’s technically a shoe store, and my visit confirmed that whoever buys for this store has excellent taste in both shoes and handbags. they’re both exactly in the price range i want (not so cheap to be useless, not so expensive to be prohibitive), and in styles that i *love*. i very nearly bought a $30 purse in odd colors that somehow looked good together – pale green canvas with bright red accents, lined with tan corduroy – but decided to hold off and think about it for a few days.

(4) i also dropped by the local organic market and spent $6.73 on groceries for dinner tonight: romaine lettuce, red lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes… and i think i bought something else but i can’t remember what it was.

(5) i’ve been drooling over the envirosax greengrocer bags for several weeks now. i looked at them again online today, but i’m having trouble choosing colors. they’re all so pretty! but i think i like the greens, grays, and light blue the best.


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