what’s on the needles

June 29, 2008

i’m working on a few things at the moment, albeit very slowly because of my study schedule.

first, the very adorable hoodie baby blanket by the thrifty knitter (pattern was originally in magknits). i’m still on the neverending stockinette section, but i actually enjoy stockinette. lots of it. particularly while spending so many hours a day doing brain-intensive work. it’s nice to turn to something relatively mindless and relaxing.

knitted with lion brand cotton-ease (in the “lake” colorway, i’ll be using the beautiful blue-black-y “charcoal” for the border), which is quite possibly my favorite yarn of the moment. i love the colors, love the stretch, love the softness. actually, i was surprised at first at how soft this blankie is turning out to be, because my other major use of cotton-ease has been for a sheldon. i had to knit sheldon on size 5 needles to try to prevent holes (note the word “try”). i’m using size 8’s for this blanket and the fabric is soooo soft and snuggly. it’s going to be a great baby blanket.

i’m also working on a pair of plain jane stockinette socks (see? i do love the simple patterns right now), based on the yarn harlot‘s basic sock recipe.

knitted with regia sock yarn i picked up at a new yarn, in north seattle. i can’t find the ballband at the moment to share the colorway, but i like it. it doesn’t pool very much, and the changes are frequent enough to keep it interesting.

i do, however, need to switch over from metal dpns to wood. i go through phases of preferring one to the other, and i must have been in a metal phase when i cast these puppies on (6 weeks ago! i’m so slow!) and am now definitely wanting wood back. hopefully it won’t change my gauge too much.

i am anxiously awaiting july 24th – the day on which i finish the big test i’m studying for, and the day on which i am done with homework for a VERY LONG TIME. no homework = much more knitting time. i can’t wait!


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