saturday things

June 28, 2008

i spent my first few hours of the day frantically cleaning the house, knowing that our landlord would be coming over to fix a few things. i’m not sure why i feel a need to impress the landlord, but i do. i guess i want him to know that we do cherish this home that he owns. cleaning also reminded me of saturday mornings at my best friend’s house growing up – they always cleaned on saturday mornings. every saturday. we were not that cleanly at our house. after doing it this morning, though, i can absolutely see why that friend’s mom instituted the practice. it feels so good to lounge around a clean house all day long!


i took the dogs with me to run errands this morning, which was kind of fun. we went to the bank and to walgreens, and used the drive-thrus of both places. i was going to leave them in the car and go into walgreens, but i was worried about them overheating. it’s a hot day today. and somehow doing these mundane things with dogs in the back of the sub’ makes doing them more fun!


studying: studying for the big upcoming exam is going slowly. i wish i could focus a bit better. today i’ve been working on indian law, community property, and torts. hopefully i’ll get through family law by the end of the day.


okay, nothing exciting going on today, i guess. i’ll work on knitting content for next time.


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