Ha. Ha.

June 28, 2008

wow. the joke is SO on me. on my way to pick up my dandy new craigslist chair, i had to stop and get cash. they wanted $30. the atm only spits out $20s, so I got $40. the route to their house was mostly highways, but i figured there’d be a convenience store or something nearby so i could break one of the 20s. i suddenly found myself very close to their house with too much cash. i briefly considered just giving them $40, and then decided that was silly, so i turned around to find a place to break my bills.

i found a grocery store, thinking i could also pick up something for dinner. walked over to the deli, where everything looked fried and unappealing. i then picked up a $2 fruit cup from the fruit section (so proud of myself: buying something healthy!). i checked out in the little self-check out line, started walking out of the store with my $18 in change, and… hey? where’s my other $20?

somewhere in there i dropped it. i searched and searched to no avail. i left my name and phone number with customer service, just in case. i got another $20 out of an atm in the store (plus the not-my-bank atm fees… so $23? $24?). i just about cried right there in the parking lot. now my chair, instead of costing $30, cost me $54. boo.


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